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NHL betting in Massachusetts

The NHL has had a home in Massachusetts since 1924 when the Boston Bruins joined the league. Now, with the legalization of sports betting in the Commonwealth, Bruins fans have the chance to make some money backing their local club.

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On this page, we’ll explain how to get started with NHL betting in Massachusetts, highlight some of the top MA sportsbooks for hockey gambling, and offer some advice before you start your betting journey.

Best Massachusetts betting apps for NHL betting

If you were to ask 10 sports bettors what the “best” sportsbook was, it’s entirely possible you’d receive 10 different answers. While “best” is somewhat subjective, we’ve included these four Massachusetts betting apps for their ease of use, competitive odds, consistent performance, and bonus frequency.

DraftKings Massachusetts Logo


DraftKings MA has come a long way since it was founded as a daily fantasy sports (DFS) operator in Boston in 2012; it was the first sportsbook in the state to pass the $2B lifetime handle milestone. The DK sportsbook app is a go-to option for those who prefer in-play sports betting.

FanDuel Massachusetts Logo


Like DraftKings, FanDuel began as a DFS platform, but its sports betting app has become a favorite for new bettors for its easy-to-use interface. FanDuel is the official sports betting partner of the Boston Bruins.

ESPN Bet Massachusetts Logo


ESPN BET is a product of PENN Entertainment and replaced Barstool Sportsbook in November 2023. As ESPN is one of the two main hockey platforms at the national level, it should be no surprise that ESPN BET MA is quickly becoming one of the top options for NHL bettors. The exclusive content from ESPN’s on-air talent is truly unique.

BetMGM Massachusetts Logo


Rounding out our list is BetMGM, which is held in high esteem for its industry-leading rewards program and top-notch customer service. The app should be sufficient for your betting needs, though we have found the web platform to be a bit faster overall.

Which NHL betting promos do Massachusetts sportsbooks offer?

Throughout the hockey season, you can expect these NHL betting promos (or similar counterparts) to be offered by Massachusetts sportsbooks.

  • Boosted goal scorer props: One common type of NHL betting promo is a boosted goal scorer prop. When this is available, a sportsbook will award a higher payout if a certain player manages to score in a given game. For example, a David Pastrnak anytime goal may have posted odds of -125. However, the boosted odds may turn that line into +125. As a result, a $25 wager goes from turning a profit of $20 to a profit of $31.25. These promos are typically available on game day only (meaning you couldn’t bank the boost for a week to find a more favorable matchup), but the increased payout on winning wagers is always a nice feeling.
  • Same game parlay boosts: Similar to the goal scorer props, same game parlay (SGP) boosts offer an increased profit payout, usually calculated by percentage as opposed to a set odds or dollar amount boost. For example, a winning three-leg parlay consisting of a Bruins moneyline win, a Brad Marchand anytime assist, and Charlie McAvoy to record over 2.5 shots on goal could yield a $30 profit on a winning wager. However, with the SGP boost (let’s say 33%, as we saw that percentage a few times during the 2023-24 season), you would now receive $40 in profit instead.
  • Team-based bonus bets: Usually available at the start of the season (though sometimes available throughout the year as well), sportsbooks may offer a bonus bet if you’re placing it on the hometown team. This could come as a $10 betting credit on a Bruins moneyline or puck line wager, a $5 bonus bet to use on an SGP involving the Bruins, or another Boston-focused betting outcome.

How do I start betting on the NHL online in Massachusetts?

You can start betting on the NHL online in Massachusetts even outside of the regular season, playoffs, or Stanley Cup Final. Here’s how you could start today.

  1. Decide where you want to wager: To make things easier for you, MABetting.com has worked hard to compose detailed reviews of each licensed Massachusetts sports betting operator. These reviews include information about welcome bonuses, mobile app and desktop site performance, deposit methods, rewards programs, and much more. You’ll also find an overall operator rating based on several key metrics.
  2. Get registered: Within the aforementioned reviews, you will find links that take you directly to the sportsbook signup pages in a new tab (so you can continue to reference this site as needed). These registration links will guarantee you’re getting the best available welcome bonus offer during the signup process, and they should autofill the form with any relevant promo codes. Massachusetts law requires you to provide the operator with your legal name, date of birth, home address, and the last four digits of your social security number. You’ll also need an email address and phone number to set up your account login credentials.
  3. Make a deposit: Next, you’ll need to fund your sportsbook account using an approved payment method. For a list of which options are available at each sportsbook, check our sportsbook reviews. The amount you deposit is up to you, but be sure to check out any relevant welcome bonus information so you don’t leave promotional credits on the table. Also, don’t break the bank to try to gain extra gambling credits - ONLY fund your account within your reasonable financial limits!!
  4. Research NHL matchups and lines: Before you lock in your wager, you should always do some research to ensure the bet you’re making is reasonable, logical, and well-informed. Take a look at injury reports, schedules, player usage rates (time on ice and zone start percentages are good places to start), recent and season-long trends, and line movement to give yourself a better chance of making a winning bet than you would’ve going in blind.
  5. Shop the odds and make your bets: Odds shopping is an important skill to master and will help you make significantly more money over the course of your betting career.

NHL betting odds

Reading NHL betting odds is a bit confusing to new bettors as the American way of posting odds is not as logical as some of the other listing methods (fractional, decimal, or implied odds). Still, with this guide, you’ll be comfortable reading the odds well before you’re ready to put any money down.

The most important thing to locate when reading NHL odds is the outcome known as the betting favorite (in other words, the outcome that is most likely to happen). You’ll find the favorite by locating the “-” symbol, which means the value of your stake will be larger than what the profit would be (for example, betting $20 on the Bruins moneyline at -200 odds would only win you $10, leading to a $30 payout).

The other option to consider is the betting underdog, identified with a “+” sign. This is the less likely betting outcome, so if an underdog wins, the value of the profit will exceed the value of your stake.

For example, using the same stake as before, if the Bruins were +200 underdogs but won the game, a $20 wager would win $40 and pay out $60 (initial stake of $20 + profit of $40 = $60)

You can calculate the potential return by looking at the number after the “+” or “-” sign. The number after the “-” sign denotes how much money you would need to bet to win $100, while the number after the “+” sign translates to how much money you would win on a $100 wager.

Please note that you DO NOT have to wager $100 or more on every bet; this is only used as a frame of reference to consider potential returns. If you bet using a smaller stake, the payouts will adjust proportionately (if the odds are +200 and you win, you’ll double your money whether you bet $10 or $100).

Common bet types in hockey

While hockey betting isn’t nearly as popular as on NFL, NBA, or MLB action, it is still growing in popularity as more states legalize sports gambling. Here are a few of the most common and popular bet types in hockey you should know.

  • Puck line: Think of the puck line like a spread bet in football or basketball. Because point totals in hockey are considerably lower than in other sports, the line is almost always +/- 1.5 goals (meaning the favorite needs to win by at least two goals to cover while the underdog could be a winner if they outscored their opponent or only lost by one goal). The puck line helps to handicap the moneyline (picking a straight-up winner) to offer more favorable odds when backing the favorite and to give the matchup underdog more of a chance for a winning outcome.
  • Player props: Player props make up the majority of same game parlay betting options and focus on in-game events that aren’t necessarily outcome-dependent. Some examples of player props would be which Bruins player will score the team’s first goal, the number of saves Jeremy Swayman makes, or how many points (goals + assists) Pavel Zacha records in the game.
  • Period props: Period props tend to take more of a team-focused approach to betting, but they function similarly to player props in that the team may not have to win the game for the props to hit. Examples here would include whether either team will score a goal in the first five minutes of a period, which team will win the first faceoff of the period, and each team’s exact goal total for a given frame.

Advice for NHL wagering in Massachusetts

Before you make your bets, we hope you will keep this advice for NHL wagering in Massachusetts in mind.

  • Don’t make a bet solely because there’s a promo attached: At the end of the day, sportsbooks are in the business of making money. Sportsbooks can afford to offer promos because they’re making money regardless of where the betting action falls. A bonus offer doesn’t guarantee a win or a cash reward (and offers that do should raise an immediate red flag). If the risk involved with using a bonus or promo is too much, it is better to walk away than to make a potentially problematic wager.
  • Avoid betting on heavy moneyline favorites: According to TheHockeyNews.com, NHL moneyline favorites win roughly 52-57% of the time. This means it is seldom to your benefit to be betting on teams with odds of -200 or more (-250, -300, etc). When the odds are that steep, you’re risking significantly more than what you could potentially win, and with the implied odds of a loss being against you, odds in that range are poor betting value.
  • Trust your research: The more time you spend studying line movements, game flow, player and team trends, schedules, and injury reports, the more likely you are to hit winning wagers. While checking in with betting sharps to see what bets they are making can help point you in the right direction, remember that you alone are responsible for the wagers you make. Trust your research and adjust your strategies over time to hone your betting skills.


Is it legal to bet on the NHL in Massachusetts?

Yes, it is legal to bet on the NHL in Massachusetts. The state launched online sports betting in March 2023, allowing Boston Bruins fans to cash in on winning wagers for their team’s successes.

Do all MA sportsbooks offer NHL betting promos?

Yes, all MA sportsbooks will offer betting promos that can be used on NHL lines. However, the promotions may not always be specific to the NHL. For the latest news about NHL betting promotions in Massachusetts, stay tuned to MABetting.com.

Are there any special betting promos for the NHL?

Yes, you can find special betting promos for the NHL on most Massachusetts sportsbooks. However, these offers will change throughout hockey season and may expire from time to time. MABetting.com is your place for updates on the latest NHL betting promotional offers.