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Disclaimer: BetRivers has not launched its online sportsbook in Massachusetts yet.

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Sign-up bonus: Coming soon
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Minimum deposit: $10
Last updated: December 2023

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Sportsbook: BetRivers
Legal in Massachusetts: Yes
Retail location: TBD
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This BetRivers Sportsbook in Massachusetts review highlights the sign-up process, sports available, the mobile app, deposits, pros and cons, and promo codes available.  Continue reading to learn more about BetRivers in MA and whether it is worthy of your patronage.

About BetRivers Sportsbook in Massachusetts

BetRivers is a very popular sportsbook among sports bettors in the country. With a reputation for large bonuses, an easy-to-use computer interface, and quick payouts, it is not very far from the top sportsbook in the country. Rush Street Interactive created BetRivers after the Supreme Court invalidated a federal sports wagering ban in 2018.

The BetRivers mobile app and desktop site are now available in a number of states, including Massachusetts, and the list is growing. The sportsbook entices consumers with a big welcome bonus and then offers a variety of continuous promotions to keep them coming back for more.

How to sign up for BetRivers online sportsbook in MA

Screenshot of BetRivers Massachusetts homepage

It only takes a few minutes to open a new BetRivers account in Massachusetts, make a deposit, and place a bet. You will be able to sign up using either a computer or a mobile device. The desktop version can be accessed by one of the numerous internet browsers, including Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome, on your PC or Mac. Simply go to the BetRivers Sportsbook website and start the sign-up process.

You can also use your phone or tablet to visit the site using a mobile web browser or by installing the mobile sports betting app for either Android or iOS devices.

Once you are on the official website or mobile app, navigate to the registration page and begin entering the needed personal information. BetRivers Sportsbook will almost certainly want the following information:

  • First and last name.
  • Address.
  • Email address.
  • Telephone number.
  • Date of birth.

Then, for future logins, you must create a username and password.

In some situations, the site may need some documents from you in order to verify your registered details, such as a copy of your utility bill, license, and passport as identification.

BetRivers mobile betting app in Massachusetts

The BetRivers mobile app was created for sports betting and is regarded as one of the best in the United States. The BetRivers software is an easy-to-use mobile betting app that works on both iOS and Android devices. It is driven by Kambi, one of the most well-known software brands in the industry, both in the US and internationally.

As a result, the app is an excellent alternative for those who appreciate cutting-edge sports-related features, as well as wagering markets and attractive odds. Let's take a look at how you can install the app on your mobile phone.

How to download the BetRivers app for iPhone

The BetRivers iPhone app is easily accessible in the App Store. It is also compatible with the iPad and the iPod touch. Here are the straightforward methods for downloading and installing it on an iPhone and other Apple devices:

  1. With a strong internet connection, visit the Apple Store and search for the BetRivers app.
  2. The download process could not be simpler: simply click the “Download” button and follow the simple and clear approach.
  3. After you've downloaded the app, you can use it to access your existing account or create a new one.

How to download the BetRivers app for Android

If you want the app for your Android device, you must go to the sportsbook's website using any internet browser on your phone, as it is not available in the Google Play Store due to Google's gambling prohibitions.

To do so, first change the privacy settings on your portable device to allow “unknown sources” so that the download may be finished. This can be accomplished in a few simple steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings → Security.
  2. Select the “unknown sources” option.
  3. At the message prompt, press OK.
  4. Choose “Trust.”

The rest of the BetRivers Android app download process is straightforward:

  1. When visiting the official BetRivers website, look for the little Android icon.
  2. Click the Android icon and download the APK file to your device.
  3. Open the file and follow the instructions in order to install it.

BetRivers mobile app review

The overall experience with the BetRivers app has been nothing but positive. Kambi included all the bells and whistles, resulting in an easy-to-use betting app experience that is appropriate for both rookie and seasoned gamblers.

The application is fast and responsive, with no lag, which is the most important aspect because no one wants to be locked out without any reason before making a bet.

The app provides a comprehensive navigation menu that contains the entire list of sports as well as the live-betting option. You will have no difficulties banking because the cashier worked flawlessly for both deposits and withdrawals.

The app offers a clean design with straightforward navigation and user-friendly layouts.

If you're not bothered with sports betting bonuses and other promotional advantages, the BetRivers app may be for you. From the standpoint of a betting app, it has everything you could ever want.

It should come as no surprise that BetRivers offers a diverse range of sporting events to ensure that there is never a dull moment on the site.

The site not only offers betting chances on America's four major sporting leagues, but it also offers a great assortment of other sports from across the world.

You will be able to bet on the following sporting events:

  • Football
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Ice hockey
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Boxing
  • Cricket
  • Cycling

You will not only be able to bet on sports like hockey, baseball, football, and basketball at the professional level. You'll be able to gamble on college-level games.

In addition to the sports mentioned above, you will be able to bet on NASCAR and Formula One, as well as a variety of soccer leagues from across the world, such as the English Premier League, FIFA World Cup, Copa America, and Bundesliga.

How to deposit on BetRivers online sportsbook in Massachusetts

After you register, it is critical for a trusted and licensed site like BetRivers Sportsbook to use the most advanced SSL encryption technology to protect your financial and personal information.

When you make a deposit or a withdrawal from your account, the same technology is used, giving you peace of mind about your hard-earned money.

BetRivers accepts the same deposit and withdrawal methods as many other well-known sportsbooks in MA, Here are some popular methods that you can use to deposit funds into your account.

  • Visa - Visa is one of the most popular methods of deposit for betting. Transactions can be completed with a debit or credit card. Almost all banking institutions accept Visa. As a result, bettors will be able to conduct secure transactions. It is adaptable and dependable, with reasonable transaction fees. Without a doubt, Visa is an excellent betting deposit method.
  • Mastercard - Mastercard is also a very popular deposit method on betting sites. It is a well-known payment system that guarantees bettors a smooth transaction. Mastercard is a safe and secure payment method. Bettors who use Mastercard must have a bank account. A Mastercard is unquestionably a wonderful option for bettors.
  • PayPal - PayPal is one of the most user-friendly betting deposit options available to bettors. It is quick and will handle a bookmaker's deposit right away. PayPal is another safe and reliable payment method that is accepted by practically all booking sites. To use this betting deposit method, bettors must first create an account and then store or transfer money to their account. Furthermore, PayPal is a popular and reliable deposit method for gamblers.
  • Prepaid cards - Prepaid cards are another deposit option on BetRivers. They are fast, efficient, dependable, and secure, and are employed by the majority of betting sites. Prepaid cards are online payment alternatives that can be used by both experienced and inexperienced gamblers. The cards are simple to use and come with cheap transaction costs.
  • Venmo - PayPal owns Venmo, a money-transfer service that accepts quick payments. Although PayPal sports wagering deposits are now available in the same ways that Venmo deposits are, most consumers prefer Venmo over PayPal.
  • Neteller - Neteller is a widely approved betting deposit option that is used by practically all booking sites in the United States. Bettors can fund their accounts using credit or debit cards. Without a doubt, Neteller is a good alternative for anyone wishing to fill their account.

How to find a promo code for BetRivers Sportsbook in MA

You can find BetRivers promo codes in Massachusetts on various sites including:

  • Bookmark this review: On this page, you’ll always find the latest BetRivers Massachusetts promo codes. Bookmark it, and return to it on a later occassion to find the latest bonus codes and information about how to use them.
  • Check the BetRivers Sportsbook homepage: Most of the time, BetRivers does display the available portions on the homepage of their website. If there is a promotion, it is really hard to miss when you log into your account as it is usually a big-sized banner ad.
  • Get the code from an ad: You can also get the promo code from ads. When the sportsbook advertises the promotion either on social media, magazines, television, or radio stations, they also provide a promo code. As a result, following your favorite sportsbook on various social media platforms is always a good idea.
  • Ask customer service: Sometimes, always take the time to contact customer service and ask if there are any available promotions. BetRiver has a live chat feature, so take advantage of that.
  • Receive bonus automatically: And the most common way to receive a promo code is when you receive one automatically upon signing up. And sometimes, BetRiver will just send you a promo code for being a good source of revenue.

Types of bets available on BetRivers in Massachusetts

Screenshot of BetRivers Massachusetts Sport section

The remarkable number of betting possibilities offered on the desktop and mobile platforms is one of the most tempting characteristics of BetRivers Sportsbook in Massachusetts.

You will have access to all the most popular betting types in the United States, including:

Parlay bets

These are bets that involve a mix of bets and are also known as multi-bets in other countries.

Parlays come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can be based on props, moneylines, totals, point spreads, or a mix of all four. You can even create parlays using bets from the same game at BetRivers Massachusetts.

Parlays can have as many choices, or legs, as you wish. The minimum number of selections required to form a parlay is two. And the maximum is determined by the sportsbook's limit.

Moneyline bets

A moneyline bet is the most basic and easy wager in sports betting. It is a wager with two or three possible outcomes, depending on the sport. When two players or teams are listed on a moneyline bet, bettors must select one of them to win.

When a bettor places a bet on the moneyline, they simply choose a winner. Spread betting, on the other hand, uses a handicap to supposedly balance the chances on both sides. All that the bettors' picks have to do is win, and the moneyline wager pays off.

Teaser bets

Teaser betting allows the bettor to positively change the point spreads for the teaser games. This is a difficult idea to grasp, but it is critical to know how to place a teaser bet. Follow the example below to observe this theory in action in a real-world scenario.

Assume BetRivers in Massachusetts was offering normal betting odds for the New York Giants to cover a three-point spread against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Furthermore, the betting odds for the Dallas Cowboys to defeat the Houston Texans are three points.

When you place a teaser wager, you choose the point spread from the range provided by BetRivers. This is usually six, six, and a half, or seven points. Assume you bet on these two games with a six-point teaser.

In these games, you can place your teaser wager on either the favorites or the underdogs. Whatever you choose, a teaser bet changes the point spread in your favor.

Over/under bets

Over/under betting in sports is a wager in which you must accurately guess the cumulative score of both teams. You must decide whether the total score will be less or higher than the figure established by the oddsmakers — the people who set the lines and odds at BetRivers.

Consider a game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the New York Giants with a total of 48.5 points. As a bettor, you would choose “Over” if you believe the game's final cumulative score will be 49 points or higher. If you anticipate it will be 48 points or fewer, you would select “Under.”

Future bets

A future bet's outcome is for an event or season that will take place in the future, not on the day the wager is placed. Many bettors prefer these wagers since they are single wagers with a long life. Single-game wagers are usually settled within a day or two.

Future bets allow a bettor to wager on several games without having to spend time analyzing each one individually.

They are also subject to frequent change. These odds may alter throughout the season as a result of wins, injuries, losses, trades, and so on. Future odds may vary as a result of free-agent signings throughout the off-season. When the chances for one team change, the odds for the other competing teams often change as well.

Futures odds at BetRivers in Massachusetts are often based on the likelihood that something will occur. However, future odds are not intended to be a prediction of what will happen. When the odds are announced, they may be based more on the chance of a team winning, but this is not always the case.

Spread bets

The spread, commonly known as the line, is used to even the odds between two teams that are not evenly matched. In order to get equal action on both sides of a game, bookmakers set a spread.

For example, imagine the spread is -3 points. If you bet on the Colts against the spread, the Colts would have to win by at least three points for you to win the bet. You'd lose the bet if the Colts won by two points since they didn't hit the crucial number of three.

The odds on both sides of a spread bet are normally set at -110, depending on the sportsbook and state. That means you'll win whether you bet on the Colts-3 or the Texans+3.

Prop bets

Prop betting at BetRivers has just lately gained popularity. But sportsbooks decided to stop providing them due to license burdens.

However, as gamblers' demand for them grew, prop bets became more commonly available in recent years. The more diverse and exotic—so dubbed for their unique nature—the props are, the larger the event. The Super Bowl, in particular, has become a testing ground for bookies' ingenuity.

Prop bets are typically dependent on the ability to count something. As a result, sports with a wide range of counting data, are ideal for prop betting.

Pros of BetRivers Massachusetts

There are numerous reasons for sports bettors to enjoy the BetRivers Massachusetts sportsbook. Here's a quick rundown of our current list of advantages for potential BetRivers customers:

  • Overall service - Low juice, fantastic promotions, and industry-leading customer service.
  • Simple signup - The process of opening and funding a new account is possibly the simplest in the industry.
  • Great customer service - From 9:30 a.m. until 2:30 a.m., customer service is available via live chat.
  • Odds available - The diversity of odds available at BetRivers is also a big plus. BetRivers works with Kambi, an odds supplier that also works with Penn, DraftKings, and Parx. This means that they will have more lines on more games for their clients.

Our rating of BetRivers sportsbook Massachusetts


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Variety & features
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Is BetRivers the most popular online sportsbook in Massachusetts?

No, BetRivers is not Massachusetts' most popular sportsbook. In comparison to other sportsbooks, the sportsbook is not offered in as many states. It is, nonetheless, one of the best sportsbooks in the country. Betting on sports at BetRivers has numerous benefits, including an excellent mobile app experience.

Can I play on BetRivers online sportsbook in MA if I’m 19?

No, you cannot wager at BetRivers if you are under the age of 19. To begin betting on the sportsbook, you must be at least 21 years old. Some may find this to be unfair, but sportsbooks are required to impose age restrictions. Since it is required by law, sportsbooks impose age restrictions on their customers. If they didn't, they'd be criminally punished and forced out of business. No matter what state you live in, there will be a rule stating that you must be a specific age to be able to gamble on sports. These rules were enacted to prohibit enterprises from exploiting minors.

Can I bet on bare-knuckle boxing on BetRivers Sportsbook in MA?

No, you cannot bet on bare-knucle boxing on BetRivers Sportsbook. We are not sure if this will change in the near future, as the sport isn't that popular. However, the possibility is there: the more popular the sport becomes, the more people will want to place bets. But for now, you can place bets on similar sports, like normal boxing. So let us just start betting on normal boxing matches while we both wait for bare-knuckle boxing to be available.