Best online sportsbooks in Massachusetts

  • DraftKings Massachusetts
  • FanDuel Massachusetts
  • BetMGM Massachusetts
  • Caesars Massachusetts
  • WynnBet Massachusetts
  • Barstool Massachusetts
  • Betr Massachusetts
  • Betway Massachusetts
  • Fanatics Massachusetts
  • Bally Bet Massachusetts

Sports betting is a popular pastime, meaning that it comes as no surprise that Massachusetts sportsbooks are in demand more than ever before. Whether you are looking to wager on your favorite team from the NFL, NBA, or any other type of league, this page will deliver the top online bookies in MA available today.

Our recommended sites offer great odds across many sports, such as football, hockey, and soccer. See below how these sportsbooks compare to each other:

FanDuel sportsbook Massachusetts

The user interface of the FanDuel Massachusetts sportsbook is clean, straightforward, and modern, with a quick loading speed. All the key sections are made clear through tabs on the screen. FanDuel is also one of the top bookies accessible, with the most odds selections. It went live on March 10, 2023.

With its incentives, bets, and sports variety, FanDuel has proven to be one of the best bookmakers in MA. The sportsbook provides a wide choice of sports, including major tournaments. They also offer high-quality and appealing odds across all sports categories.

FanDuel doesn't currently have any partners in MA, but they have stated their desire to find one in the future.

DraftKings sportsbook Massachusetts

DraftKings sportsbook launched in MA on March 10, 2023, and provides its bettors with an excellent gambling experience. Being among the best US bookies, DraftKings offers a diverse selection of sports and wagers.

Placing bets is straightforward, and the sleek structure promotes easy tracking of previous activities and bet statuses. There's also a section for live betting on the sportsbook site, with actual updates on the live games.

DraftKings still doesn't have a brick-and-mortar location in the state.

BetMGM sportsbook Massachusetts

BetMGM Massachusetts is a sportsbook that went live on March 10, 2023, and offers a wide range of sports events and markets, including popular leagues like the NBA, NFL, NHL, and MLB, as well as international competitions like the World Cup and the Olympics. The platform also provides useful resources, such as betting tips and analysis, to help users make informed decisions when placing their bets.

BetMGM’s retail partner in Massachusetts is the MGM Springfield Hotel and Casino in Springfield, MA.

Caesars sportsbook Massachusetts

Caesars sportsbook Massachusetts launched on March 10, 2023, and provides an easy-to-use interface that allows customers to place bets on various sporting events, including football, basketball, baseball, and more. Users can choose from different betting types such as money line, point spread, and over/under. Caesars Massachusetts is a fully licensed and regulated sportsbook, ensuring that customers can trust the website with their personal and financial information.

Caesars does not currently have a brick-and-mortar location in MA.

WynnBET sportsbook Massachusetts

WynnBET Massachusetts is an online sportsbook that launched on March 10, 2023, and offers a variety of sports betting options for Massachusetts residents. The site allows users to place wagers on a wide range of sports, including basketball, football, baseball, and hockey. Additionally, WynnBET Massachusetts offers competitive odds and a variety of betting options, including moneyline, spread, and over/under bets.

WynnBET’s physical sportsbook in MA is at the Encore Boston Harbor in Everett, Massachusetts.

Barstool sportsbook Massachusetts

One of the original six to go live in the state on March 10, 2023, Barstool Massachusetts allows users to access various sports events and place bets on their favorite teams or players. The bookie provides up-to-date information on sports events, including scores, team statistics, and player data. Additionally, Barstool Massachusetts has a dedicated customer support team that is available 24/7 to assist users with any issues they may encounter.

Barstool currently has a retail sportsbook in the state, at the Plainridge Park Casino in Plainville, MA.

Betr sportsbook Massachusetts (not live yet)

Betr Massachusetts is an online sportsbook that provides a seamless sports betting experience to its users, and is expected to live in spring 2023. The website offers a wide variety of sports and events to bet on, from popular sports like basketball and football to niche sports like cricket and rugby. The site utilizes state-of-the-art encryption technology to protect user information and transactions.

Betr does not have a retail partner in the state as of yet.

Betway sportsbook Massachusetts (not live yet)

Betway Massachusetts is a legal and licensed bookie that provides a safe and reliable platform for sports betting enthusiasts in the state, and should go live in early 2024. It has a wide range of sports to choose from, including popular American sports like basketball, football, and baseball, as well as international sports like soccer, tennis, and rugby. Betway Massachusetts also offers competitive odds and a variety of betting options, including live betting, futures, and prop bets.

Betway does not have a physical location in Massachusetts right now.

Fanatics sportsbook Massachusetts (not live yet)

Fanatics Massachusetts is planned to launch in spring 2023, and offers a wide variety of sports and events for customers to bet on, including professional and college football, basketball, baseball, and hockey, as well as international events like soccer and tennis. The bookie provides a user-friendly interface, allowing customers to easily navigate and place bets on their preferred sports and events.

Currently, Fanatics doesn’t have a retail partner in MA.

Bally Bet sportsbook Massachusetts (not live yet)

Bally Bet Massachusetts is a sportsbook that allows users to place bets on a huge range of sporting events, and is projected to go live in mid-2023. The platform offers a wide range of sports to choose from, including popular ones like football, basketball, and baseball, as well as lesser-known sports like table tennis and rugby.

Bally Bet doesn’t have a retail sportsbook location in MA as of yet.

BetRivers sportsbook Massachusetts (not live yet)

Established in 2009, BetRivers is a solid online sportsbook. The bookie is suitable for beginners and pro-bettors. BetRivers is among the current leading online bookmakers with great service and is user-friendly website design that is simple and easy to navigate through.

Furthermore, BetRivers has a few responsible gaming limits in place, including self-suspension, spending limits, self-exclusion, deposit limits, and time limits.

BetRivers hasn't launched in Massachusetts, and hasn't applied for a license yet. However, we can expect this to change at some point in the future as it is one of the leading names in the betting industry.

PointsBet sportsbook Massachusetts (not live yet)

PointsBet is an excellent option for gamblers searching for something unique and innovative. It offers betting on a multitude of different sporting events, and offers its Points Betting type of parlay bet that has become so popular in other states. PointsBet updates its promos and deals regularly, so they vary over time.

In addition its user-friendly website, the bookmaker also has plenty of sports. You will find both local and international sports to wager on at PointsBet's online sportsbook.

PointsBet hasn't launched in MA yet, and actually withdrew its request for a license recently. This is worrying news for its launch, but we will update this page as soon as any new information comes out.

Currently, 10 sportsbooks are legal in Massachusetts. Of these, the bookies that are already live are DraftKings, FanDuel, Caesars, WynnBET, Barstool, and BetMGM. The other four, Betr, Bally Bet, Fanatics, and Betway, are projected to go live within the next year.

All of these bookmakers have applied for and received licenses from the Massachusetts Gaming Commission, and they are regulated by the same body. Therefore, using any of them in MA is completely safe and legal.

Detailed information about each legal sportsbook in MA

Here is some key information about the legal sportsbooks in Massachusetts:


Company name

Legal since



March 10, 2023


American Wagering, Inc.

March 10, 2023


Crown MA Gaming, LLC

March 10, 2023


Betfair Interactive US, LLC

March 10, 2023



March 10, 2023


Barstool Sports, Inc

March 10, 2023


Betr Holdings, Inc.

Not live yet


Digital Gaming Corporation USA

Not live yet


FBG Enterprises OPCO, LLC

Not live yet

Bally Bet

Bally's Interactive, LLC

Not live yet

Which sportsbooks are coming next in Massachusetts?

Several sportsbooks are now gearing up to launch their services in the state. Here are some of the upcoming sportsbooks that you can expect to see in Massachusetts soon:

  • Betr: A mobile sports betting platform that is known for its user-friendly interface and extensive coverage of sports events. Betr offers competitive odds and a range of betting options, making it a popular choice for sports fans. It is expected to launch before summer 2023.
  • Betway: A global sports betting brand that has been expanding rapidly in the US market. Betway offers a wide range of sports to bet on, including popular US sports such as football, basketball, and baseball, as well as international sports like soccer and rugby. Betway is scheduled to go live in early 2024.
  • Fanatics: A well-known sports merchandise retailer that has recently ventured into the sports betting space. Fanatics is expected to leverage its extensive customer base and brand recognition to attract sports fans to its sportsbook. It is projected to launch in mid-2023.
  • Bally Bet: A joint venture between Bally's Corporation and Sinclair Broadcast Group, Bally Bet is a mobile sportsbook that offers a range of betting options and features, including live streaming of games and in-play betting. Bally Bet should go live before July 2023.

How do we rate sportsbooks in MA?

How do we rate the sportsbooks

When rating sportsbooks in MA, we consider several criteria to ensure that they meet the highest standards. Here are some of the most important factors to consider:

  • Licensing and regulation: We check whether the sportsbook is licensed and regulated by the Massachusetts Gaming Commission or other reputable regulatory bodies. This ensures that the sportsbook operates legally and transparently.
  • Security: We evaluate the security measures employed by the sportsbook to ensure that the personal and financial information of customers is protected from hackers and other malicious actors.
  • User experience: We assess the user interface and user experience of the sportsbook's website or app to ensure that it's easy to navigate, visually appealing, and functional.
  • Range of betting options: We look at the variety of sports and betting markets offered by the sportsbook to ensure that it caters to the diverse preferences of its customers.
  • Customer support: We evaluate the quality and responsiveness of the sportsbook's customer support team to ensure that customers receive timely and helpful assistance when needed.
  • Bonuses and promotions: We consider the sportsbook's bonuses and promotions, including welcome bonuses, free bets, and ongoing promotions, to ensure that they provide value to customers and are fair and transparent.

By taking these criteria into account, we can rate sportsbooks in Massachusetts and help bettors make informed decisions about where to place their bets.

Massachusetts residents and visitors can now place bets on a variety of sports through licensed sportsbooks. Here are some of the most popular sports to bet on in the state:

  • Football: With the NFL being one of the most popular sports leagues in the United States, it's no surprise that football is a popular sport to bet on in Massachusetts. Fans can place bets on professional and college football games. Some popular betting options for football games include the point spread, moneyline, and over/under. Fans can also bet on futures for the Super Bowl and college football playoffs.
  • Basketball: Another popular sport to bet on in Massachusetts is basketball, particularly the NBA. Fans can bet on games and tournaments throughout the basketball season, including the NBA Finals. Betting options for basketball games include the point spread, moneyline, and over/under. Fans can also place futures bets on which team will win the NBA championship.
  • Baseball: As home to the Boston Red Sox, baseball is a big deal in Massachusetts. Fans can bet on MLB games and even place futures bets on the World Series. Betting options for baseball games include the moneyline, run line, and over/under. Fans can also place futures bets on which team will win the American League and National League pennants, as well as the World Series.
  • Hockey: Massachusetts is also known for its hockey culture, with the Boston Bruins being a fan-favorite team. Hockey is a popular sport to bet on, particularly during the NHL season. Fans can bet on NHL games and place futures bets on which team will win the Stanley Cup. Betting options for hockey games include the moneyline, puck line, and over/under.
  • Soccer: While not as popular as some of the other sports on this list, soccer is still a sport that Massachusetts residents enjoy betting on. Fans can place bets on MLS games and international tournaments like the World Cup. Betting options for soccer games include the moneyline, spread, and over/under.
  • Boxing/MMA: Combat sports like boxing and MMA also have a dedicated fanbase in Massachusetts, with many sportsbooks offering betting options for major events and matches. Fans can bet on which fighter will win, as well as the method of victory and the round in which the fight will end. Some sportsbooks also offer prop bets for these events, such as whether or not a fighter will win by knockout.

Advantages of betting using Massachusetts online sportsbooks

Betting on sports has become a popular pastime for many people, and online sportsbooks have made it easier than ever to place bets from the comfort of your own home. There are several advantages to using online sportsbooks in Massachusetts, and we have listed a few of them below:

  • Convenience: Online sportsbooks in Massachusetts are available 24/7, allowing users to place bets whenever they want. This convenience saves time and effort that would otherwise be spent traveling to a physical sportsbook.
  • Accessibility: Online sportsbooks are accessible from anywhere within the state of Massachusetts, making them a great option for people who live in rural areas or have limited transportation options.
  • Variety: Online sportsbooks offer a wide variety of sports and betting options, including live betting and futures betting. This allows users to find the sports and bets that interest them the most.
  • Bonuses and promotions: Online sportsbooks in Massachusetts often offer bonuses and promotions to attract new users and retain existing ones. These bonuses can include free bets, deposit matches, and other incentives that can increase the value of a user's bets.

Physical locations of all retail sportsbooks in Massachusetts

Massachusetts is home to three top-notch physical sportsbooks where sports fans can enjoy the excitement of betting on their favorite sports. These sportsbooks are the MGM Springfield Hotel and Casino (BetMGM), Plainridge Park Casino (Barstool), and Encore Boston Harbor (WynnBET). Below are some descriptions of each location:

  • MGM Springfield Hotel and Casino (BetMGM): Located in the heart of downtown Springfield, the MGM Springfield Hotel and Casino is a premier destination for sports fans. BetMGM is the official sports betting partner of MGM Resorts International and offers a wide range of betting options for sports fans. The sportsbook is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and a team of knowledgeable staff to help guests with their bets.
    Address: One MGM Way, Springfield, MA 01103.
  • Plainridge Park Casino (Barstool): The Plainridge Park Casino in Plainville is home to the Barstool Sportsbook, which is operated by Penn National Gaming. The Barstool Sportsbook features a unique and engaging betting experience, with a range of in-game betting options and exclusive promotions. The sportsbook also has a full-service bar and restaurant, making it a great place to watch games with friends.
    Address: 301 Washington St, Plainville, MA 02762.
  • Encore Boston Harbor (WynnBET): Located in Everett, the Encore Boston Harbor is a luxury resort and casino that features a high-end sportsbook operated by WynnBET. The sportsbook offers a wide range of betting options, including in-game betting, and features a luxurious lounge area with comfortable seating and multiple screens for watching games. Guests can also enjoy food and drinks from the sportsbook's full-service bar and restaurant.
    Address: One Broadway, Everett, MA 02149.

10 facts about MA Sportsbooks

Sportsbooks in Massachusetts offer a variety of betting options, including traditional sports like basketball and football, as well as more niche sports like table tennis and rugby. Here are 10 facts about sportsbooks in Massachusetts:

  • Sports betting was legalized in Massachusetts in August 2022 and went live in March 2023.
  • The Massachusetts Gaming Commission is responsible for regulating sports betting in the state.
  • Both online and in-person sports betting is allowed in Massachusetts.
  • There are currently six operational sportsbooks in Massachusetts, and four more are expected to launch in the near future.
  • The state has a tax rate of 12.5% on sports betting revenue.
  • Massachusetts residents must be 21 years or older to place a sports bet.
  • In-person sportsbooks are located at three of the state's casinos.
  • Online sportsbooks are expected to partner with existing casinos and racetracks in Massachusetts before they go live.
  • The types of bets that will be offered in Massachusetts include moneyline, point spread, and over/under bets.
  • Massachusetts is home to several professional sports teams, including the Boston Red Sox, Boston Celtics, and New England Patriots, which are popular among sports bettors.

Differences between online and retail sportsbooks

Online sportsbooks and retail sportsbooks are two types of platforms that allow people to place bets on sporting events. The key difference between these two platforms is their method of operation. Online sportsbooks are web-based platforms that allow users to place bets over the internet. On the other hand, retail sportsbooks are physical locations where people can place bets in person.

One major advantage of online sportsbooks is their convenience. Users can place bets from the comfort of their own home or from anywhere with an internet connection. Online sportsbooks also offer a wider range of betting options compared to retail sportsbooks. Online sportsbooks often offer various types of bets, such as live betting, prop bets, and futures bets.

Retail sportsbooks, on the other hand, offer a different experience. They provide a social aspect to betting, as users can interact with other bettors and sports fans. Retail sportsbooks often have large screens displaying live sports events, creating a lively atmosphere. Additionally, some people prefer the tactile experience of placing bets in person, rather than doing so online.

Overall, both online sportsbooks and retail sportsbooks have their advantages and disadvantages. Ultimately, the choice between the two depends on the user's personal preferences and needs.

How to recognize offshore sportsbooks, and why to avoid them

Offshore sportsbooks

Offshore sportsbooks are online sports betting platforms that operate outside the jurisdiction of a bettor's country. They often offer attractive odds and bonuses, but it's important to recognize and avoid them due to the risks involved.

There are a few ways to recognize offshore sportsbooks. Firstly, they may not be licensed by the appropriate regulatory bodies in Massachusetts. They may also have a vague or non-existent physical address, or may be located in countries with lax gambling laws. Offshore sportsbooks may also have limited or unreliable customer support, with no clear way to resolve disputes or complaints.

It's important to avoid offshore sportsbooks for a few reasons. Firstly, they may not have the same level of security and protection for your personal and financial information as licensed and regulated sportsbooks. Additionally, there is a risk that they may not pay out winnings, or may engage in fraudulent activity. In the event of a dispute, it may be difficult or impossible to get your money back.

How to sign up for an online sportsbook in Massachusetts

There are several reasons why many sports bettors prefer to bet on online betting sites in Massachusetts instead of visiting bricks and mortar retail shops. In most cases, online sportsbooks' odds are bigger, and they also offer players the opportunity to claim generous and attractive bonuses and promotions.

The good news is that creating an account with these bookies is pretty simple. It should take you five minutes or less to complete the entire registration process. Having said that, let's dive into the actual process of creating an online betting account in Massachusetts.

  1. Find a legal online bookie in MA. First, you will have to find and choose a legal and reputable MA sportsbook. When it comes to finding and picking a bookmaker there are a few factors that you should consider, including license and credibility, odds, available sports and markets, and bonuses on offer. Furthermore, you should consider the operator's customer support, payment methods, and payout speed.
  2. Register your details. Now that you have picked a Massachusetts bookie, you can press ahead with creating your account. To do this, visit your sportsbook's homepage and click on the create account button. When you click on the button, you will be taken to a registration page where you will provide the site with a few of your personal information. The information the site will request includes full name, email, phone number, password, and date of birth.
  3. Enter promo code if needed. Depending on which bookie you are creating an account with, they may ask you to enter a betting bonus promo code. An online promo code is a special code that you can use by entering it into the appropriate field provided by the site, usually during account creation. After meeting certain terms and conditions, such as making real money deposits or wagering requirements, the bookmaker will give you bonus cash, free bets, or other exclusive deals specified by the operator.
  4. Choose a payment method. As a new player, you are in no doubt eager to fund your newly created account as fast as possible. But it is important to pick a way to pay that is secure, easy, and convenient. The list of banking options that you will likely find includes bank wire, debit/credit cards, e-wallets, online bank transfer, prepaid cards, and cash cages.
  5. Make a money deposit. Now that you have picked your preferred banking option, you are currently a step away from starting your betting journey. What you need to do now is to login into your account, locate the bookie's cashier page and click on deposit. Next, select your preferred deposit method, enter the amount, and follow the onscreen instruction to finish the process.
  6. Start betting. You should now have a completely functional MA online sportsbook account and be able to place real money bets. Now you have to navigate to the operator's sports section to find an event to wager on.

Who regulates online sportsbooks in Massachusetts?

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission is in charge of gambling authorization and activity in order to provide reliability in the state's gaming business. It was established under the Gaming Act.

Its goal is to maintain Massachusetts gambling management and provide a more accurate approach to safer gambling behavior and strategy. The commission keeps in check the tactics, methods, and legislation for fair gaming and the management of gambling addiction and treatment.

Payment methods for online sportsbooks in Massachusetts

The number of payment methods is almost limitless, but the problem is their availability differs from bookie to bookie. Picking your ideal payment method will be driven by accessibility, potential transaction fees, and payment processing times.


With your Visa card, you will be able to conduct safe web payments utilizing the most secure encryption. But, Visa is not the fastest withdrawal option. Your funds are accessible once the sportsbook processes them, and this is usually a duration of 2 to 5 days. Generally, most sites do not have Visa Deposit or withdrawal charges.


Mastercard is a prominent transaction company, and utilizing it to put money into your online betting account is incredibly simple. Withdrawals on Mastercard on the other hand, are far more difficult to get than deposits. Anytime you wish to withdraw, you can take a look at alternate means. If the sportsbook accepts Mastercard withdrawals, the transaction might take a few working days. Also, depending on your bank, there might be a minor transaction fee.


PayPal's credibility has been founded on its reliability and efficiency. Users may transfer funds and anticipate the operation to be done in minutes. Deposits are generally instant and delays are no longer than 30 minutes and withdrawals also take a few minutes to process.

Prepaid cards

The biggest advantage of choosing a prepaid card payment method is the added degree of protection. Your banking information isn't linked, so it can't be shared with businesses. In addition, prepaid cards like Visa and Mastercard, are supported by most sportsbooks. Bookies have formed alliances with banking institutions to sell their branded prepaid cards. Transfers are usually free of charge.


Venmo's most noticeable feature is undoubtedly its speed in enhancing operational efficiency, particularly from user to user. Transactions typically take 1 day to 3 days to process. But Venmo also provides an instant-pay alternative which comes at a very little extra cost.


PayNearMe offers a means of transaction that does not need the use of a financial institution. With PayNearMe, you will enter your details and then receive a barcode. The least deposit fee amount is $10.


Aside from the fact that Neteller does not leave traces of betting on a player’s bank account, the e-wallet also offers an additional layer of protection and can provide bettors with a sense of confidence. Also, deposits are instant, and withdrawals normally do not take a duration of more than 24 hours.

And many more.

More payment methods will vary on what your specific site has to offer. Also, in any case, if you want to change to a more convenient method, the choice is always there.

  • New England Patriots: New England is known for die-hard sports fans that don’t seem to mind the cold, and soon (provided their fingers aren’t frozen), eligible bettors at the stadium or relaxing at home can bet on the game! Prop bets on quick plays, live betting, and more are now available.
  • Boston Red Sox: One of the legacy teams of baseball, the Red Sox are older than sliced bread (literally! Sliced bread was invented in 1928; the Red Sox were established in 1901) and even more popular, at least in MA. Now that betting on your favorite MLB teams is legal and above board, if you’re 21+ and eligible, you can get online and bet on the Sox whenever they’re playing.
  • Boston Bruins: Bruins fans were voted among the NHL's loudest, rowdiest, and most passionate. “Massholes”, as they’re affectionately called, are fun people who love hockey and don’t like it when their team loses. Luckily the Bruins are one of the most decorated teams in the league: 4th in overall Stanley Cup wins. This year, betting on the Bruins is poised to be more popular than ever.


Can I play DFS on online sportsbooks in Massachusetts?

Yes. Daily Fantasy Sports have grown in adoption among sportsbooks in Massachusetts, and they are the new hype in the sports betting sector and a number of sportsbooks offer them now. FanDuel is the ideal sportsbook in Massachusetts that offers daily fantasy sports. However, the list does not end there. There are options like DraftKings and several other sportsbooks.

What online sportsbook can I bet on the Boston Red Sox?

You can bet on the Boston Red Sox at any Massachusetts betting app that offers odds on it. The best first start would be FanDuel and DraftKings. But, you can also do research on more sportsbooks and which sportsbook has the best odds. The Boston Red Sox are a Massachusetts favorite, therefore do not miss the chance to bet on them.

Are online sportsbooks available in Massachusetts?

Yes, six online sportsbooks are available in Massachusetts. The six currently live in the state are DraftKings, Caesars, FanDuel, BetMGM, Barstool, and WynnBET.

Is it safe to bet on Massachusetts sportsbooks?

Yes, it is safe to bet on Massachusetts sportsbooks. All six sportsbooks currently live are licensed and regulated by the state, and therefore you can be sure that it is safe to bet on them.

What is the minimum age to sign up for MA sportsbooks?

You have to be at least 21 to sign up to sportsbooks in MA.

Do sportsbooks in Massachusetts track your IP and location?

Yes, sportsbooks in Massachusetts track your IP and location. This is to make sure that people from outside the state are not using their services, as this would be illegal.

Which sportsbooks provide the best bonuses in MA?

DraftKings, Caesars, and BetMGM are usually known for giving great bonuses in MA. However, there is no definitive sportsbook that gives the best bonuses, as bonuses can vary a lot.

How fast can I cash out my MA sportsbook winnings?

You can usually cash out your MA sportsbook winnings immediately, depending on which withdrawal method you choose. Some withdrawal methods, such as online banking, can take a little longer.