Sports betting apps in Massachusetts

Betting on sports from your mobile in Massachusetts is quickly becoming a popular pastime for many residents. Here, we'll take a closer look at the top sports betting apps in Massachusetts and what they have to offer.

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Best betting apps in Massachusetts

  • DraftKings Massachusetts
  • FanDuel Massachusetts
  • BetMGM Massachusetts
  • Caesars Massachusetts
  • WynnBet Massachusetts
  • Barstool Massachusetts
  • Betr Massachusetts
  • Betway Massachusetts
  • Fanatics Massachusetts
  • Bally Bet Massachusetts

Ratings of Massachusetts betting apps

Due to the amount of different betting apps that are out there, we have included a table of up-to-date ratings in both the App Store and Play Store for them so you can compare. Take a look:

Betting app

iOS rating

Android rating


4.8 ⭐

4.6 ⭐


4.8 ⭐

4.7 ⭐


4.8 ⭐

4.3 ⭐


4.6 ⭐

4.4 ⭐


3.7 ⭐

4.3 ⭐


4.7 ⭐

3.0 ⭐


3.6 ⭐

3.4 ⭐


4.7 ⭐

4.4 ⭐


N/A (app hasn’t launched)

N/A (app hasn’t launched)

Bally Bet

1.7 ⭐

3.3 ⭐

Sports betting apps in Massachusetts offer various types of bonuses to attract and retain customers. These bonuses provide bettors with additional funds to place bets and increase their chances of winning. Here are some of the types of bonuses that you can expect to find:

  • Welcome bonus: A promo that is awarded to new customers when they sign up for a sports betting app. The bonus can come in the form of free bets, deposit matches, or risk-free bets.
  • Deposit bonus: This bonus is awarded when you make a deposit into your betting account. The bonus amount is usually a percentage of your deposit and can be used to place additional bets.
  • Free bet bonus: This type of promo allows you to place a bet without risking your own money. If your bet wins, you get to keep the winnings, but if it loses, you do not lose any of your own money.
  • Risk-free bet bonus: This bonus is similar to a free bet bonus, but instead of getting your money back if you lose the bet, you receive a bonus equal to the amount of the bet.
  • Reload bonus: This is offered to existing customers when they make additional deposits into their betting accounts. The bonus amount is usually a percentage of the deposit and can be used to place additional bets.
  • Loyalty bonus: This type of bonus is awarded to customers who have been using the sports betting app for a long time. Loyalty bonuses can come in the form of free bets, deposit matches, or other rewards.
  • Refer-a-friend bonus: This is awarded when you refer a friend to the sports betting app. If your friend signs up and makes a deposit, you receive a bonus that can be used to place additional bets.

FanDuel betting app Massachusetts

FanDuel is one of the most popular betting apps in the country. After all, millions of gamblers in the US have downloaded the app, showing its rapid popularity and growth. It finally launched in Massachusetts on March 10, 2023.

Bettors can wager on their favorite sports teams easily and quickly on FanDuel. Besides, the app comes with various features, making it fun and exciting to use. A common feature includes allowing users to compete against their friends during contests.

FanDuel doesn't have a retail location in Massachusetts at the moment.

DraftKings betting app Massachusetts

DraftKings is another popular mobile betting app in Massachusetts, and launched on March 10, 2023. It is one of the top betting apps in the US, reputable for offering superb user experience and fast payouts. This betting app allows users to place bets on different sporting events and is available on Android and iOS.

In addition, DraftKings is one of the few mobile betting apps available with in-game betting. This feature allows bettors to wager while a game is in progress. The app also features a user-friendly interface, comprehensive betting options, and customizable settings to allow users to benefit more from their betting experience.

DraftKings doesn't have a physical location in Massachusetts yet.

BetMGM betting app Massachusetts

The BetMGM betting app in MA is a user-friendly sports betting platform that allows bettors to wager on their favorite teams and players. The app is available on both Android and iOS devices, and launched on March 10, 2023.

The app features a user-friendly interface with superb navigating speed to enhance user experience. BetMGM app updates users with daily notifications if betting opportunities occur, such as free bets. You can also bet on NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, and college sports.

BetMGM's retail partner in Massachusetts is the MGM Springfield Hotel and Casino in Springfield.

Caesars app Massachusetts

The Caesars Massachusetts app went live on March 10, 2023, and provides users with a wide variety of sports betting options, including in-game betting, moneyline bets, and point spreads. With Caesars, users can easily place bets on their favorite sports teams and events, and track their bets in real-time through the app's user-friendly interface.

Caesars does not have any retail partners in the state as of now.

WynnBet app Massachusetts

WynnBET Massachusetts is a sports betting app that was launched on March 10, 2023. This application is designed to allow users to place wagers on their favorite sporting events, including football, basketball, baseball, and more. It is owned and operated by Wynn Resorts, a renowned casino and resort company based in Las Vegas. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded from the app stores.

WynnBET Massachusetts also has a retail betting location in the state, at Encore Boston Harbor.

Barstool app Massachusetts

Barstool Massachusetts went live on March 10, 2023, and allows users to place bets on a variety of sports, including football, basketball, baseball, and hockey. It offers a user-friendly interface and a variety of betting options to suit different preferences and levels of experience. The app's design is sleek and modern, and it is optimized for mobile use, making it easy to use on the go.

Barstool has a physical partner in MA, the Plainridge Park Casino in Plainville.

Betr app Massachusetts (not live yet)

Betr Massachusetts is a betting app set to launch in the spring of 2023. The app will allow users to place bets on various sports events from their mobile devices. While the app doesn't have a retail partner in the state yet, it aims to provide a seamless and secure betting experience to users.

The betting application is expected to have a user-friendly interface, making it easy for users to navigate and place bets. It will offer a range of betting options, including live betting, money line bets, and prop bets.

Betway app Massachusetts (not live yet)

Betway Massachusetts is expected to go live in early 2024. The app will offer a convenient and accessible way for sports enthusiasts to bet on their favorite teams and games. It is designed to provide users with an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easy to place bets on a wide range of sports events.

At present, Betway Massachusetts does not have a physical location in the state. However, users will be able to enjoy the convenience of betting from anywhere within the state using the app.

Fanatics app Massachusetts (not live yet)

Fanatics Massachusetts is set to launch in the spring of 2023. The app aims to provide a seamless and user-friendly platform for sports enthusiasts to engage in legal and safe sports betting. Currently, Fanatics Massachusetts doesn't have a retail location in the state, but users can access the app from their mobile devices and place their bets from anywhere within the state's borders.

The app is expected to feature a wide range of sports and events, including major league sports such as basketball, football, and baseball, among others.

Bally Bet app Massachusetts (not live yet)

Bally Bet Massachusetts is a highly anticipated betting application set to launch in mid-2023. Developed by Bally's Corporation, the app promises to provide Massachusetts residents with a seamless and secure way to place sports bets from their mobile devices. While the app doesn't yet have a physical location in the state, it is expected to partner with a local casino or sportsbook to provide customers with a more comprehensive betting experience.

The mobile application is set to offer a wide range of betting options, including point spreads, money lines, and futures, and will allow users to place both pre-game and in-game wagers.

PointsBet betting app Massachusetts (not live yet)

PointsBet is an Australian-based sports betting company with a mobile app that allows users to make in-game bets on a wide range of sports. It still hasn't launched in Massachusetts, and it recently withdrew its application for a license, making it unclear when it will finally go live.

The app would be available for free download on the App Store and Google Play for iOS and Android users. The PointsBet app is easy to use since you can create an account in minutes and wager immediately.

BetRivers betting app Massachusetts (not live yet)

BetRivers is a betting app that allows bettors to wager on various sporting events, such as the Super Bowl, World Cup, and much more. It hasn't launched in Massachusetts yet, but it is expected to do so at some point in the future, considering its high profile as a betting app in the US.

The BetRivers app offers an impressive user experience. You can quickly navigate different sections in this app and enjoy using its remarkable features. Also, this betting app offers broad betting options, including pre-match, point spreads, money lines, prop bets, parlays, and totals. It also supports several sports events, such as football, basketball, tennis, golf, and cricket.

About mobile sports betting apps

A sports betting app provides a platform to access and wager your favorite sports using your smartphone. The app will typically list various sports and markets, including their odds. Users can then place bets by selecting the desired bet type and amount for betting. A betting app offers a convenient means to place your bet since you don’t need to access the online sportsbook in Massachusetts using your desktop browser.

You can use these apps to bet on individual games or wager on the outcomes of entire tournaments. For instance, sports betting apps in Massachusetts cover various sports events, such as football, cricket, basketball, baseball, and horse racing. With people accessing almost every online activity using their smartphones, gambling owners are also capitalizing on mobile apps for sports betting.

Besides, you can easily access sports betting apps using android or iOS devices. You only need your smartphone to download a betting app from the app store if you have an iOS or the play store for an android phone.

Different types of mobile wagers

Different types of mobile bets

Here are some of the different types of bets you can make on sports betting applications in Massachusetts:

  • Moneyline bets: This is the most straightforward type of bet where you simply choose the team or player you think will win the game. The odds for each team or player are represented by a positive or negative number. A positive number means the team or player is the underdog, and a negative number means they are the favorite. For example, if the moneyline for the Boston Red Sox is -200 and the moneyline for the New York Yankees is +150, a bettor would have to wager $200 on the Red Sox to win $100, while a $100 bet on the Yankees would win $150 if they were to win the game.
  • Point spread bets: In this type of bet, you place a wager on the margin of victory or defeat of a team. The favorite team is given a point handicap, and the underdog team is given a point advantage. For example, if the point spread for the Boston Celtics is -6.5 and they win the game 101-95, a bet on the Celtics would only win if they won by more than 6.5 points (102 or more), while a bet on the opposing team would win if they won the game outright or lost by less than 6.5 points (95 or fewer).
  • Over/under bets: Also known as total bets, these wagers involve predicting whether the total score of a game will be over or under a predetermined number. The predetermined number is set by the sportsbook, and bettors can wager on whether the final score will be above or below that number. For example, if the over/under for a basketball game is set at 220, a bet on the over would win if the final score is 221 or more, while a bet on the under would win if the final score is 219 or less.
  • Prop bets: These bets involve predicting the outcome of specific events within a game, such as the first team to score, the number of touchdowns in a football game, or the player to score the most points in a basketball game. Prop bets can vary greatly between sports and games, and some sportsbooks offer a wide range of unique prop bets for major events like the Super Bowl or NBA Finals.
  • Futures bets: These bets are made on events that will happen in the future, such as predicting the winner of a championship before the season starts. Futures bets can be made for a wide range of events, including league championships, major tournaments, and individual awards. The odds for futures bets can change throughout the season depending on how the teams or players are performing.
  • Parlay bets: In a parlay bet, you combine multiple bets into one. You only win if all the bets in the parlay are successful, but the potential payout is higher than a single bet. For example, a bettor could make a parlay bet on the Red Sox moneyline, the Celtics point spread, and the over in a hockey game. If all three bets are successful, the payout would be higher than if each bet was made individually.
  • Teaser bets: Similar to parlay bets, teaser bets combine multiple wagers into one. However, in a teaser bet, you can adjust the point spread to increase your chances of winning. Teaser bets typically require a minimum of two bets and allow the bettor to move the point spread in their favor by a set number of points. The potential payout for a teaser bet is lower than a parlay bet, but the increased chance of winning can make it a popular option for some bettors.

How to sign up for a mobile betting app in Massachusetts

Download and sign up for mobile app

Signing up with a mobile betting app in Massachusetts is pretty straightforward. One benefit of these apps is they consume less storage on your smartphone because they are light.

You can install and register a betting app on your iOS or Android phone within minutes and immediately wager on your favorite sports. Below are easy-to-follow steps when signing up for betting apps across Massachusetts.

  1. Find a legitimate MA betting app: First, you need to browse our website to check whether your desired app is legit. Also, you can use our resources to view the list of the best betting apps in Massachusetts. It is crucial to download licensed and legit apps to avoid becoming a victim of fraud or illegal gambling. To download the app, visit the play store if you are an Android user or an app store for the iPhone. Find the name of the legitimate betting app in Massachusetts and download it. You can also download a legitimate app by visiting an apps’ desktop site.
  2. Enter your details: The next step after downloading an app is to register an account by entering your details. The required information includes creating a username and password, email address, social security number, names, date of birth, and other personal information. Ensure you enter a valid email address to confirm your identity and receive app notifications.
  3. Confirm your identity: Confirming your identity involves verifying a link sent to your email address. Some reputable betting apps may also request additional verification steps, such as using your utility bill to confirm your identity.
  4. Deposit money: Once you complete the account setup, log in with the registered credentials you created above. Before you bet, deposit wagering money first into the app. To do so, go to the personal account section and click ‘Deposit option.’ Select a payment method from the list given, such as Visa, PayPal, Mastercard, Discover Card, AMEX, etc. Next, enter the amount you want to deposit for wagering. Your betting app will update the betting amount immediately, depending on the payment method you choose for the deposit.
  5. Start playing: By now, you can easily use your smartphone app to wager on your favorite team right away. Take note and claim any welcome or sign-up bonuses rewarded to new members from some betting apps. Also, pay attention to each betting site’s bonus terms and conditions.

How to pick the best mobile betting app for your needs

How to choose the best mobile app

When selecting a mobile betting app, it is important to consider various factors to ensure that you choose the best one for your needs. Here, we will outline six key factors to take into account when selecting a sports betting app in Massachusetts.

  • Legal compliance: Ensure that the mobile betting app is legally compliant in Massachusetts and licensed by the appropriate regulatory authority. In Massachusetts, that would be the Massachusetts Gaming Commission.
  • User experience: Consider the app's ease of use, navigation, and overall user interface, as well as any additional features that may enhance your experience, such as live streaming or in-play betting options.
  • Security: Look for a mobile betting app that uses advanced security measures, such as encryption technology and two-factor authentication, to protect your personal and financial information.
  • Payment methods: Check that the app offers a variety of secure payment methods that are convenient for you, such as credit/debit cards, e-wallets, or bank transfers.
  • Bonuses and promotions: Look for apps that offer competitive bonuses and promotions to new and existing users, such as welcome bonuses, free bets, or loyalty rewards.
  • Customer support: Check that the app provides reliable customer support options, such as email, live chat, or phone support, to assist you with any queries or issues that may arise while using the app.

Pros and cons of betting from your phone compared to other devices

There are both advantages and disadvantages to betting on sports through your phone. Below, we will explore some of the pros and cons of mobile sports betting:


  • Convenience: One of the main advantages of betting on sports through your phone is the convenience factor. With a mobile device, you can place bets from anywhere, at any time, as long as you have an internet connection. This means you can bet while watching the game at the stadium or from the comfort of your own home.
  • Accessibility: Mobile sports betting allows you to access a wider range of sports and events than other forms of betting. You can easily browse through different markets and make bets on a variety of sports, from football to horse racing.
  • Instant updates: With mobile sports betting, you can get instant updates on the progress of your bets and the latest odds. This means you can make informed decisions and adjust your bets accordingly, even if you are on the go.


  • Risk of addiction: Betting on sports can be addictive, and the convenience of mobile betting makes it even easier to place bets impulsively. This can lead to financial problems and other negative consequences.
  • Security risks: Mobile devices are vulnerable to security risks such as hacking and malware. If your phone is compromised, your personal and financial information could be at risk.
  • Technical issues: Like any technology, mobile betting platforms are not infallible. Technical issues such as slow loading times or system crashes can be frustrating and may lead to missed opportunities.


How old do I need to be to play on a betting app in Massachusetts?

You must be 21 years old, or above, to be eligible for downloading and playing on sports betting apps in Massachusetts. If you are not over this age, do not try to sign up to a betting app, otherwise there may be penalties.

How do I know a betting app in MA is legit?

Generally, almost all mobile betting apps are legit in MA. They have a valid license and permits given by the Massachusetts gambling laws to operate in the state. So, an easy way to know if a betting app in MA is legit is to check whether it has a legit license to operate in Massachusetts.

Do all online sportsbooks in Massachusetts have a betting app?

No, not all online sportsbooks in MA have a betting app. One primary reason is some newly registered sites don’t start using apps directly. Instead, they prefer to start with a web-based browser. In addition, the Massachusetts governing body needs to give a legal license first before they offer a betting app.

Are betting apps in MA safe to use?

Regulated and licensed betting apps in MA are usually safe to download and use. These apps operate using advanced security measures similar to the web browser experience to secure your information.

Are mobile sports betting apps legal in Massachusetts?

Yes, right now 10 mobile sports betting apps are legal in Massachusetts. Six of these, FanDuel, Caesars, DraftKings, Barstool, WynnBET, and BetMGM, are already live. Four more, Betway, Betr, Fanatics, and Bally Bet, are expected to launch soon.

Which sports can I legally wager on using a mobile betting app in MA?

You can legally wager on many sports, such as football, basketball, baseball, and hockey, on mobile betting apps in MA.

Are there any new betting apps coming to Massachusetts?

Betway, Betr, Fanatics, and Bally Bet’s betting apps are coming to Massachusetts within the next year.

Who regulates betting apps in Massachusetts?

Betting apps in Massachusetts are regulated by the Massachusetts Gaming Commission.

Which betting app in MA is best for beginners?

Barstool is often seen as an ideal betting app for new players in MA. However, there are plenty of other betting apps that are easy to use for beginners.