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Online horse betting in Massachusetts

Here, we will go through the topic of horse betting in Massachusetts, including the best sites for betting on horses, an overview of what is it is, and physical racetrack locations in the state.

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About horse betting in MA

The earliest type of legal wagering in Massachusetts is wagering on horse racing. Until there were casinos, bingo halls, the Mass Lottery, or sportsbooks in horse betting Massachusetts, residents of the state could legally bet on horses. There are physical racetracks in Massachusetts where live horse racing is available. Furthermore, there are also online choices. Players have a variety of alternatives for wagering on horse racing events as well as casino games.

Furthermore, there are numerous websites where residents of Massachusetts can place bets on horse racing in a secure and safe setting. The state of Massachusetts has a lengthy history of horse racing that extends back to the 1930s. The horse betting Massachusetts fair circuit once included seven other fairs in addition to the enormous mainstay, Suffolk Downs. The fairs gradually diminished over time, and the final fair in Northhampton held its final race meet in 2005. The only thoroughbred racetrack still in operation in all of New England is Suffolk Downs, which is hanging on by a thread.

Almost a century ago, Massachusetts legalized horse betting. As an outcome of Senate Bill 0179, horse betting was made legal in 1934. With the opening of Taunton Dog Track and Wonderland Greyhound Park in 1934, gambling became legal in Massachusetts. Seven years later, the Raynham Greyhound track opened, and by 1981, Taunton had shut down and merged with Raynham. However, the tracks were forced to close in 2009 after the Commonwealth outlawed dog racing. Moreover, in August 2022, online as well as in-person horse betting is now legal for the residents of Massachusetts.

Massachusetts citizens can bet on horse races all over the world online using their computers or mobile devices. The residents have access to several good online horse racing wagering providers.

The best horse betting sportsbooks in Massachusetts

There are various sportsbooks available for horse betting in Massachusetts. Most of these sportsbooks have a website or a sports betting app which helps bettors place their bets on horse racing. This can be done while sitting anywhere in the states. Some famous sportsbooks are:

  • TVG Massachusetts - The Television Games Network, which was first introduced as a cable Television network in 1999, is the company behind the TVG Horse Race Betting App. TVG was among the first legally available horse race betting providers when it developed its app and betting website, making it available in several US states including Massachusetts.
  • PointsBet Massachusetts - In January 2019, PointsBet made its US thanks to a collaboration with Meadowlands Racetrack. The organization is offering excellent fixed odds pricing and a sign-up code to Massachusetts residents. PointsBet has introduced what it terms “Points Betting”. It is a distinctive form of high-risk, high-reward sports betting in Massachusetts. PointsBet has also developed a mobile app for its users that can ease their online horse betting experience.
  • Betway Massachusetts - It is a UK-based betting company that offers many betting options, from sports betting to bingo. In Massachusetts, the Betway sportsbook has a staggering selection of well-liked sports lines, including horse betting. It is a secure sportsbook and has received certification from a number of organizations, including eCOGRA. Bettors can bet from anywhere within the state with its easy processing.
  • BetMGM Massachusetts - The legal Massachusetts sports betting market is expanding, and the BetMGM online sportsbook and betting app are dominating it. BetMGM has aggressively entered new internet markets at a rate that is likely considerably faster than any other online sportsbook. MGM Resorts International and Roar Digital, two major names in the gaming industry, collaborated to create the BetMGM app and online sportsbook in Massachusetts.
  • DraftKings Massachusetts - For the most well-known sports, DraftKings is a top sports betting provider. DraftKings has spearheaded the dramatic increase in horse betting popularity in Massachusetts over the past years. Now, DraftKings has its sights set on the Massachusetts market for legally accessible online sports betting.
  • Unibet Massachusetts - When internet betting began, Unibet was one of the pioneers. It initially collaborated with the Hard Rock Casino in Atlantic City. For residents of Massachusetts, Unibet provides a top-notch PC platform and a mobile app, as well as a generous sign-up bonus. It offers a safe environment for bettors so that bettors can place bets without any worry. Unibet MA has an attractive phone app for its residents that they can use to place bets within the state.

Different kinds of horse race bets in MA

Horse racing is no different from other pursuits in having its own jargon. It's essential to understand the language of horse racing before placing a wager because each bet has its own unique names and rules. There are various kinds of horse bets available online. However, they are broadly categorized into two types.

Straight wagers

The straight wager is the most basic kind of horse betting. These bets may also be referred to as single-horse bets in some contexts. In this kind of wager, you are making a prediction that a certain horse will place among the top three finishers. The options include:

  • Win bet - In this kind of bet, the bettor is selecting the runner who will take the win. The bettor will lose the wager if the horse places anywhere other than first.
  • Place bet - In this kind of wager, the bettor is placing his bets in second place. The bettor will win if the horse finishes its race in second place or better.
  • Show bet - With this wager, the bettor will bet that the horse will finish the race in the third position. However, like a place bet, the bettor will also win if the horse finishes the race better than the third position.

Exotic wagers

In exotic wagering, bettors can also place a single wager on many horses. But as the wager's horses grow in number, so does its complication. The term “multiple horse bets” may also be used to describe these wagers. However, it is perhaps a little broader than that. A few types of exotic wagers include:

  • Single race - In this type of wager, the bettor picks a winner from a group of competing horses. However, the number of races the bettor wishes to anticipate is up to him. This is similar to parlay betting in handicapping.
  • Exacta - In an exacta, bettors pick two horses: one to win and one to finish in the winners. To win the wager, the bettor must correctly predict the finishing order. This is the most famous type of wager across all horse betting formats.
  • Quinella - In this wager, the order is no longer important when you select two horses to win and place. However, because you are now paying for two outcomes, you will need to twice the amount you would have paid for an exacta bet.
  • Trifecta - This wager is an extension of the exacta. The bettor chooses three horses to win, place, and show. However, the bettor must correctly enter the order, just like with the exacta. Trifecta is one of the famous types of horse betting options.
  • Superfecta - To win, place, show, and finish fourth, you tap four horses. In this wager, the order is also important. The only popular horse wager that considers horses finishing outside the top three is this one. Here, the pattern of winning is important. If the horse does not finish according to the predicted order, the bet is lost.

History of horse betting in MA

At Bay State Raceway, harness racing was started in 1947. (later named Foxboro Raceway). From 1959 until 1970, Suffolk Downs featured the activity throughout the years. After Foxboro closed in 1997, Plainridge opened in 1999, taking its place.

The Northampton Fair, Great Barrington Fair, Marshfield Fair, Weymouth Fair, Berkshire County Fair (at Berkshire Downs), Brockton Fair, and Topsfield Fair were among the agricultural fairs in the state. Here, bets on horse races were routine in addition to those at the larger tracks. However, at these meets, race manipulation was infamously widespread. When Northampton, the final location, had its final racing event in 2005, this carnival circuit came to an end. Now, after 2019, online horse betting has shaken the world of horse betting with its ease and comfort.

In-person race tracks for horse betting in Massachusetts

Horse betting once sprung in Massachusetts. Nowadays, in-person horse betting might not be as famous as it used to be. However, there are still racetracks for horse betting that keeps conventional horse betting alive.

  • Suffolk Downs - In East Boston, Massachusetts, there is a thoroughbred racetrack called Suffolk Downs. The racetrack is a 1.6 km (1 mile) dirt oval with an inner grass track that is seven lengths long. The tracks have hosted various legendary races. Back in the day, it was among the most famous racetracks throughout the U.S.
  • Raynham Park - It is a historical racetrack. Thousands of satisfied clients have used Raynham Park over the course of its more than 80-year history. In 1940, Raynham, Massachusetts, saw the establishment of Raynham Park. George Carney, who acquired the location in 1966, is the owner at the moment.


How old do I have to do horse betting in Massachusetts?

You have to be 18 years old if you wish to wager on horse betting in Massachusetts. Age restriction is there to maintain the related customer base. Therefore, you can not place a bed if you are not 18 years or older.

How popular is horse betting in Massachusetts?

One of the most common types of gambling in MA is horse betting. Horse race betting is popular among gamblers for a variety of reasons, despite the fact that it may seem like a straightforward sport. With billions of dollars gambled on races every year, the horse racing industry is a huge one.

Where can I find the latest Massachusetts horse racing bonuses?

On this page, we update the latest Massachusetts horse racing bonuses regularly. Various legal sportsbooks in MA offer horse racing bonuses. Furthermore, there are attractive bonuses for new customers as well.