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Massachusetts sportsbook promo codes

Find the latest Massachusetts sportsbook promo codes with our comprehensive guide. Here, you'll learn how to claim the bonus codes, understand the advantages and drawbacks, and grasp key concepts like rollover requirements.

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As one of the latest states to get in on the sports betting frenzy that has taken over America, Massachusetts sports betting went live in March 2023 to much fanfare.

Out of the gates, 8 Massachusetts sportsbooks went live, with no shortage of welcome offers to entice new customers.

With that in mind, today we take a look at Massachusetts Sportsbook promo codes that all new bettors in the Bay State can take advantage of.

Best Massachusetts sportsbook promo codes

Below is a table showing the best sportsbook promo codes in Massachusetts as of May 2024:



Promo code

📱 DraftKings MA

🎁 Second Chance Bet Up To $1500

📋 No code required

📱 FanDuel MA

🎁 Bet $5 Get $300 in Bonus Bets

📋 No code required


🎁 Second Chance Bet Up To $1500

📋 No code required

📱 Caesars MA

🎁 Second Chance Bet Up To $1000

📋 BETT21000


🎁 200% Deposit Match Up To $500

📋 No code required

📱 WynnBET MA

🎁 $100 in Bonus Bets

📋 No code required

📱 Fanatics MA

🎁 $1000 in Bonus Bets

📋 No code required

📱 Betr MA

🎁 $50 in Bonus Credits

📋 No code required

Where to find a sportsbook promo code in Massachusetts

With eight online bookmakers and counting in the state, each and every one of them is offering promo codes in Massachusetts to try and attract new customers. Here are some of the best places to find them when beginning your Massachusetts sports betting journey.

  • MABetting.com: At the top of each of the Massachusetts online sportsbook reviews here at MABetting, you’ll see a “Get Bonus” button that you can click to receive the best welcome offers available. By following the link, you’ll not only be redirected to their site but the welcome offer will automatically be applied to your account.
  • Online MA Sportsbook Website: No matter what Massachusetts online bookie you decide to go with, each one has a promotional section where you can find their best offers and recurring promo codes. Do note, that some require opt-in, so make sure you are aware of the terms and conditions before accepting.

How do I sign up for an MA sportsbook and apply the promo code?

With MA bookmakers being relatively new to bettors in the state, customers are still learning how to sign up for them and apply their promo codes. Let’s take a quick look at the few simple steps required to sign up for an MA sportsbook and apply the promo code.

  1. Get Bonus: No matter the MA sportsbook you choose, use the “Get Bonus” link on one of the Betting MA to receive the best welcome offer available. By clicking that button, you’ll be sent straight to the sportsbook's sign-up page and the promo code will automatically be applied to your account.
  2. Login credentials: Once you are on the sign-up landing page, you’ll be asked to choose your login credentials including your username and password.
  3. Enter personal information: With login credentials now entered, the MA bookie will now ask for your personal information including but not limited to email address, first and last name, phone number, home address, and the last four digits of your social security number.
  4. Agree to terms: With your username and password decided and your legal information now entered and verified, you must agree to the terms put forth by the MA bookie. Check all of the required terms and conditions and privacy policy boxes to confirm your account.
  5. Deposit money into your account: With everything set up for your new online bookie account, the time has come to put funds into your account. Pick one of the many payment options available to you and deposit funds into your account. If you’ve decided to use one of the promo codes, make sure you meet all the terms and conditions required.

MA sports betting bonuses you can get with a promo code

With nearly double-digit online sports betting companies now up and running in Massachusetts, each and every one of them is offering bonuses to try and attract customers. Unlike recurring promos, such as parlay profit boosts or odds boosts, welcome offers require promo codes which vary by offer.

Keep in mind, that welcome offers typically will credit you “Bonus Bets”, which are not immediately redeemable for cash and must be wagered with (and won with) to be turned into real (cash) funds.

Let’s take a look at a few types of MA sports betting bonus offers you can get with a promo code found right here on MABetting.com. All of the below sports betting bonus types can be acquired by clicking “Get Bonus” at the top of the pages.

  • Bet “$X”, Get “$XXX” in Bonus Bets: The most common type of welcome offer at MA sports betting companies, this type of promo code requires a small amount wagered to receive up to 15x that amount in bonus bets. Make sure you are aware of the terms and conditions involved such as minimum deposit required and minimum odds needed for your qualifying wager.
  • Up to “$XXX” Paid Back in Bonus Bets: Some sports betting companies will refer to this as a “Risk-Free” bet, which isn’t entirely true because if you lose your real cash wager, the bonus bets you receive are not redeemable for cash. Even still, this is an enticing offer, as the online sportsbook in MA will credit your first wager back to you in the form of bonus bets, up to a certain amount, if the bet is a loser. Though it is rare, there is also a welcome offer bonus type that will credit you the amount risked in bonus bets, even if your first bet is a winner.
  • “$XXX” First Bet in Bonus Bets: This is another way to say your first bet with a MA bookie will be credited back to you (matched amount) in bonus bets, up to a certain amount. Unlike some welcome offers, the bonus bet amount will be credited to your account in one lump sum at the time your first wager is settled as a loss.

Pros and cons of MA Sportsbook promo codes

When it comes to using MA sports wagering promo codes, everything isn’t always roses, and there are some drawbacks as well. With that in mind, let’s dive into some of the pros and cons of MA Sportsbook promo codes that you as a sports bettor should be aware of.


  • Bonus Bets for Testing: Though you might have to risk some real funds to acquire bonus bets, bonus bets are not redeemable for cash and can essentially be looked at as account credits. As such, you can use bonus bets to test out various bet types and sports league markets, without risking your own cash.
  • Build a Bankroll: Despite being bonus bets, MA sportsbook promo codes will give you extra (bonus bet) funds to add to your real funds. Any bets you hit when using the bonus bets will be converted to cash, allowing you to build your bankroll of funds with limited risk.
  • Various Accounts: With nearly double-digit online sports betting companies now live in Massachusetts, each has a welcome offer to attract new customers. By signing up for multiple accounts, you can acquire multiple welcome MA sportsbook promo codes to expand your sports betting portfolio within the state.


  • New Customers Only: Though there are recurring bonuses available at MA bookies such as odds boosts and parlay profit boosts available to existing customers, the welcome offers are what require MA sportsbook promo codes; and are available to new customers only. That means that once you claim an MA bookmaker’s welcome promo code, with your account tied to your social security number, you won’t be able to claim any future welcome offers offered by the site.
  • Terms and Conditions: Every MA sportsbook promo code in the state comes with its own set of terms and conditions. These can range from minimum bet/deposit amounts, minimum odds required, or rollover requirements on the bonus bets received. Rollover requirements mean that you must bet with your bonus bets a certain amount of times for them to turn into real funds. As an example, if there is a 3x rollover requirement and you received $25 in bonus bets, you must bet $25 (and win) 3 times over for those funds to be converted to real (withdrawable) cash.
  • Gambling Problems: For some, betting on sports or other forms of online gambling can become a real problem. Claiming promo codes, in theory, could just accelerate that process as you sign up for one account after another. If you or someone you know is struggling with gambling, there are Massachusetts resources available at 1-800-327-5050 or visit gamblinghelplinema.org.

Common terms of Massachusetts betting promo codes

Whether you are just getting started with sports betting in Massachusetts or have been at it for a while, there are some common terms of Massachusetts betting promo codes that every bettor should be aware of. Let’s take a look at a few of the most common terms.

  • Promo Codes: Promo codes can be applied by clicking any of the “Get Bonus” buttons here at MABetting, but essentially are codes sportsbooks accept to unlock certain offers and promotions. Each Massachusetts bookmaker has their own set of promo codes that vary by the outlet offering them, and are required to be entered prior to the promo being applied.
  • Bonus Bets: Almost all Massachusetts betting promo codes will involve bonus bets of some kind. Bonus bets are site credits that are not redeemable for real cash until they are wagered (and won) with. Be aware of any rollover requirements in the terms and conditions, which state how many times over the bonus bets must be wagered to convert to cash funds for withdrawal.
  • Qualifying Wager: Most relevant in the Bet “$X”, Get “$XXX” in Bonus Bets type of welcome offer, a qualifying wager means certain criteria must be hit when placing the bed. As an example, some MA bookies require the odds to be -200 or higher, or the amount risked needing to be $5 or higher. Also keep in mind any requirements in terms of bet types, as in are money lines, totals, or live bets eligible to be considered a qualifying wager.

How can I troubleshoot if my sportsbook promo code is not working?

Every sportsbook promo code in Massachusetts that our team of experts tested, went off without a hitch as each sports betting company has perfected their process. Even still, if a problem or question does arise, how can you troubleshoot if your sportsbook promo code is not working?

  • Review Terms and Conditions: Your first step in troubleshooting a sportsbook promo code that isn’t working should be to check the stated terms and conditions. Things such as qualifying wager or rollover requirements are two things to look out for when reading through the terms.
  • FAQ: Every online sports betting company in Massachusetts has some form of FAQ, which answers the most commonly asked questions. In each, there should be a section on promotional offers and promo codes, that will answer basic questions many customers ask.
  • Customer Service: If all else fails, each of the online sportsbooks in MA has stellar customer support teams to help answer questions. Depending on the bookmaker, everything from live chat, email, and phone support is available to get answers to any and all questions regarding promo codes not working.


Do all promos on MA sportsbooks require a code?

Yes, all MA sportsbooks require a code for their welcome offers. Instead of copying and pasting the promo codes, however, you can click the “Get Bonus” button on any of MABetting.com’s pages to have the promo code automatically applied to your new account.

Why do sportsbooks in MA offer promo codes?

Sportsbooks in MA offer promo codes to attract new customers to sign up for accounts with them, and not their competition. Once you have an account with an MA bookmaker, you’re more likely than not to keep that account vs. signing up for others.

Where do I find the best Massachusetts sportsbook promo codes?

The best Massachusetts sportsbook promo codes can be found at MABetting.com. There, you can click on any of the numerous “Get Bonus” links to have the best Massachusetts sportsbook promo codes applied directly to your new account. By using MABetting.com, you can also rest assured that the sportsbook you are using has been fully vetted as safe and secure.