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Massachusetts sportsbooks add Pro Volleyball Federation to wagerable roster

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With the Supreme Court’s repeal of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act in 2018, sports betting is a relatively new industry in the United States. As such, much of the sports betting landscape is still progressing and changing, as the country and the individual states continue to assess what’s best in each jurisdiction.

Common changes that take place in the realm of sports gambling can include shifting operating sportsbooks, rising and falling tax rates, and even the legality of certain aspects of the activity. Another potential adjustment, one that’s not as commonly seen as the aforementioned changes, is the addition of new sports to the wagerable catalog.

The state of Massachusetts recently saw this rare scenario when the Pro Volleyball Federation was added to the state’s sports betting catalog on April 24, 2024.

Pro Volleyball Federation continues rapid growth with the addition to Massachusetts sports betting

A state’s sports betting selections can also shrink over time, as a few different states are currently weighing the pros and cons of college prop bets and are considering removing them from their wagerable actions. While the prohibition of college prop bets would be a move in fear of corruption among participants, the addition of the Pro Volleyball Federation to Massachusetts’s catalog is a positive turn, one that reflects the rise of both sports betting and professional volleyball.

This news is only the latest in a long list of achievements for the Pro Volleyball Federation, which is currently in the midst of its inaugural season. The rapid success of the league, which is now spotlighting an underserved section of the sports world in women’s professional volleyball, has driven it to the status of the premier professional volleyball association in the United States and is only evidenced by its addition to the Massachusetts sports betting catalog.

DraftKings originally submitted the request to the Massachusetts Gaming Commission to add the Pro Volleyball Federation’s exhibitions to their sportsbook. In late April, the MGC voted unanimously, 4-0, in favor of joining 19 other states in offering the PVF in its sports betting catalog.

MGC Commissioner Eileen O’Brien spoke of her pleasure in playing a part in the advancement of women’s sports: “I always love to see women’s sports expanding.” She also mentioned that she’d love to see the PVF add a team in Boston soon.

The PVF recognizes the importance of securing these partnerships with sportsbooks and how they might signify the popularity and legitimacy of its league in a way. On the other hand, engaging with this side of sports does add an extra responsibility. The PVF’s CEO, Jen Spicher, had this to say about sports betting:

“Sports wagering is certainly an engagement for certain kinds of fans. The biggest concern right now is that we want to make sure the integrity of our league is there.”

This move is sure to increase viewership for the PVF in Massachusetts, just ahead of the league’s playoffs in May. Currently, there’s not a team in Massachusetts yet, but this news could foreshadow another potential future partnership between PVF and the state. Next season, the league will add Dallas, Indianapolis, and Kansas City teams to its existing seven-team roster. It could only be a matter of time before a Massachusetts city is included.